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    Subtle but addicting!

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    For the biggest improvements.

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    How do our best products sound like?

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  • Unreal Plug

    With Unreal Plug you will get the highest performance for the lowest cost. It beats all of the older models like Noise Terminator, Moon, Heat, Dolphin, HyperSpace, White Night Ultra and Iris Ultra. Compared to White Night the separation between the sounds is better with greater 3 dimensionality, even when the plug is smaller with worse quality (nickel vs silver). What makes this huge improvement is the switch from 1-stage to 2-stage crystal formula. The improvement from this new formula is much larger than the difference between plug materials.

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    Unreal Plug

    Our best sound for only $39.

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We specialize in ultra high-end audiophile tweaks and cables. We have developed many product lines over the years...after a long and fruitful journey we reached Unreal which is something we can't improve on any further.

Pro and Home models


For the professional who demands extreme neutrality and the lowest noise floor, choose our Pro Audio products. For the audiophile who wants to sit at home and relax to the music, choose our Home Audio products.



It's like there is absolutely nothing in between the musical instruments. You are looking right through the window, there is no dust, no fog between them.

cheez (USA), Customerimage



I have been searching for this sort of experience from my stereo for the last 25 years.... who would have guessed that a powercord would be the missing link. 

 Køt Biehl (USA), Customer




I change out from some very expensive Name Brand IC's to the Coconut Audio Cleopatra RCA IC's and thought I was listening to a whole new system. I am not kidding. The sound was IN MY FACE and just for fun I switched back to the Name Brand Cables (name starts with a N-and ends with a T) and sure enough my IN MY FACE sound did an Elvis on me.....yeah it left the building!!! So changed back and Wallah...it was so obvious that I am now a fan...

tophatjohnny (USA), Customerimage