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  • Unreal Power Cable review

    "Something I've noticed immediately with the Unreal Ultra power cable when playing the music right out of the box was the detail, lots of microdetails. All the bits and pieces of wild instrumental sound were popping out from the music from the low end of the frequencies to the highest! There is a lot of information in the bass region, it is very deep and s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s. The details in the bass is immense. It's sucking out all details in the bass region from the recording, and these elements are distinct and far-apart. The bass is larger and more powerful..."

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    Loved by customers...

    "There were hidden sound (musical tones and voices)
    popping out of nowhere. These sounds were silky and
    so clear, and overlapping each other as if they are
    coming from another dimension." - Cheez

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  • VibraDome

    The ultimate tweak for both budget and hi-fi systems

Welcome to Coconut-Audio

March 29 2014: We have started to phase out our cheap cables. Get them while you can. Next year it may cost you thousands of dollars just to get our cheapest cable.


Coconut-Audio is the healthiest place on the Internet. Our cables have been taken to such high levels that the standard diet has become the bottleneck, therefore it's recommended to start a healthy vegan diet and increase the resolution of your ears. Otherwise you cannot fully appreciate the fruits of our labor.

If you cannot hear a difference between cables, then all the more reason to start eating healthy.



Testimonials of vegan diet

The vegan diet opened up the gateway to a whole another dimension. From the same recordings I listen to, I am hearing new details that i did not hear before. I cant seem to locate where these elements of sound are coming from. They are coming from another dimension! It is like extra sound got delivered to me from heaven or from distant alien planet through warmhole, similar to a pizza delivery guy knocking on my door, not knowing where he came from. I am not kidding anything i say in this forum except for the part where i asked you give me free cable with a smiley. My hearing has been better and been stable throughout the days every day. I have been digging out old recordings today because i am hearing new things! EVERY ONE OF THEM ARE REVEALING. Because of entering through this new gateway i have the opportunity to discover more things. The effect is so great it feels like i received another power cable upgrade that costs $10k~ $20k or more! Holly smokes. Going Vegan diet is a huge cheap upgrade.

Vegan diet is an absolute requirement for the audiophiles.




Testimonials of our cables

The sound is so good I have almost no need to download any new stuff on internet. This is one of the reasons why I dropped my internet service at home and go over to my parents' house to download something If I need. Patrick's cables possessed my audio system so good it's not even funny. The dynamics, contrast, crystal clearness, liquid smoothness, silkiness in the upper registers are incredible. Same with the low frequencies. It's hyper detailed and intimidating! Like the devil is in the bass. Micro details in every elements in the music appear. So much comes out that they come from different dimensions. It is amazing how this can be done on a pair of $2k speakers. It's retarded. For the last several months I have been busy digging out old media files (especially music videos) and playing them. I have been having eargasm with them. I don't need to download new stuff. I already downloaded some several months ago and I still haven't got to them yet!!!! I am still having eargasm with my old stuff I can't let go. This is retarded. I can have just ONE song or video and play that over and over and over all day all week and I still wouldn't get tired of it. It sounds that good and addicting. The sound has drug addiction.

Everything I purchased from Patrick is successful. I still can't believe I got these cables for only tens of thousands of dollars where they should cost over a million. Other manufacturers with their top of the line models don't even come remotely close, and they charge you the price of a house! There isn't one anything like Patrick's out there. I feel guilty I didn't pay enough to Patrick. I want to pay more.




You hit double-home run with the Unreal project. This is another amazing accomplishment. You deserve to be a billionaire not millionaire. I am afraid once government finds out these cables sound what we claim to be they might capture you and hold as hostage in Area-51 because this is extraordinary and extraterristrial. I am serious, not kidding. My God if you keep this up you might get picked up by the aliens some day.


I'm gonna take a day off from work tomorrow so I can have 15 hours of eargasm.”


Patrick may really be an alien from outer space and tempoarily living here on earth to learn about earth humans. A normal person can't make cables this good, this is just impossible...”


“I have been searching for this sort of experience from my stereo for the last 25 years.”

—Køt Biehl

“And the more you listen to it the better it gets.”


“It has changed the way I think about how high-end audio should sound.”

—Dave Chorney