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Using the finest materials and meticulous craftmanship we produce Hi-Fi tweaks and cables for the most demanding audiophiles.

Since the day we launched our company in 2010, we only built products that were better than the competitors. Since that time, we have been competing against ourselves, building better and better products and leaving other manufacturers far behind. If you want the best of the best, Coconut Audio is your only choice.

While our products might look strange at first glance, they actually improve the sound of the audio system by using a natural phenomenon called resonance. Our products filter noise from the audio system naturally by using a collection of resonant properties which enhances the sound and leaves the noise behind. This is possible with our modified piezoelectric quartz crystals.
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NEW! October 29. Due to health reasons we have stopped the production of most of our products. From now on we will only build our most expensive and best, this is $20,000 for cables and $1,000 for tweaks. You are still able to buy the Christmas Power cable until the end of this year, and any bargains you may find at ebay.

NEW! October 18. We release the long awaited Hyper tweaks; Hyper Ball, Hyper Cylinder and Hyper Pyramid. These have replaced the older VibraDome and Proximity Stone.
The older tweaks have been moved to ebay and will exist in limited quantities.

NEW! July 2015. We release our new Hyper Crystal Treatment process which further improves noise reduction with 27%. This Hyper treatment is more time consuming and is only available for our top of the line products.
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Pure performance and value

Our technology protrudes from the surface of our products which gives the highest performance possible. We don't use any unnecessary materials that would otherwise reduce performance. Our no compromise solution is unsurpassed in the Hi-Fi industry, bringing a new level of sound quality never before heard.




It's like there is absolutely nothing in between the musical instruments. You are looking right through the window, there is no dust, no fog between them.

cheez (USA), Customerimage



What I really liked was that the space has grown significally, music has come from further behind. That impressed me much.

 Peter Szabolcsi (Hungary), Customer




I have been searching for this sort of experience from my stereo for the last 25 years.... who would have guessed that a powercord would be the missing link. 

 Køt Biehl (USA), Customer