New website:

We have changed our company name from Coconut Audio into Audiophile Rocks, and we now have a new website address:

The Coconut Audio website will be deleted after the end of this year. Don't worry, the Customer of the year and decade awards will continue on the new website:
Until the end of this year you can buy our old ebay items until our stock is emptied. Click here for our ebay auctions.

Why Coconut Audio shuts down business

Coconut Audio has built thousands of tweaks and cables that were large and expensive to build, always better than the competitors. However, we have not made any profits during these 6 years because we have cared more about giving away great sound to audiophiles, than caring about our own economy and health. Unfortunately, this has resulted in personal bankruptcy and we can no longer continue our business like before. Many of our cables were sold for lower than material cost in auctions, sometimes for only $1 dollar. After using up all our life savings, we cannot continue to build these cables.

However, since we don't want to throw away all these years of research and development, we have opened up a new website which focuses mainly on small tweaks which we can make some profit from. We don't have a cable factory anymore, instead we only build the most expensive and best, one cable of each type, and there is a long building time for these. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy cheap cables from us.



I am afraid once government finds out these cables sound what we claim to be they might capture you and hold as hostage in Area-51 because this is extraordinary and extraterristrial. I am serious, not kidding. My God if you keep this up you might get picked up by the aliens some day...

cheez (USA), Customerimage


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