Discontinued because our cables are too good

Message from developer:
My cables are too powerful to be released to the public, humanity isn't ready for the incredible mystic powers these cables bring. These cables draw you deep inside the music where you hear things you didn't know existed. When I listened to the Prophet Power cable I started floating in air and saw strange lights until I met face to face with God himself. He showed me events from the future which came true. Imagine if these cables fell into the wrong hands, it would wreak havoc on Earth! With great power comes great responsibility! Therefore I have decided to remove all cables from this website.

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I am afraid once government finds out these cables sound what we claim to be they might capture you and hold as hostage in Area-51 because this is extraordinary and extraterristrial. I am serious, not kidding. My God if you keep this up you might get picked up by the aliens some day...

cheez (USA), Customerimage


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