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    Our cables are so good it's scary!

  • Customer of the year award

    Biggest prize pot in the history of Coconut-Audio!

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  • Unreal Plug

    With Unreal Plug you will get the highest performance for the lowest cost. It beats all of the older models like Noise Terminator, Moon, Heat, Dolphin, HyperSpace, White Night Ultra and Iris Ultra. Compared to White Night the separation between the sounds is better with greater 3 dimensionality, even when the plug is smaller with worse quality (nickel vs silver). What makes this huge improvement is the switch from 1-stage to 2-stage crystal formula. The improvement from this new formula is much larger than the difference between plug materials.

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    Unreal Plug $39

    Upgrade your audio system for the lowest cost!

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  • Unreal Silver Power

    99.999% 2-layer silver wiring in air/crystal dielectric, with two 32mm conduits filled with our best piezoelectric crystals gives the quickest signal transfer with maximum vibration dampening.

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    Silver Power

    Best power cable in the Universe

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  • Unreal Power Cable review

    "Something I've noticed immediately with the Unreal Ultra power cable when playing the music right out of the box was the detail, lots of microdetails. All the bits and pieces of wild instrumental sound were popping out from the music from the low end of the frequencies to the highest! There is a lot of information in the bass region, it is very deep and s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s. The details in the bass is immense. It's sucking out all details in the bass region from the recording, and these elements are distinct and far-apart. The bass is larger and more powerful..."

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    Loved by customers...

    "There were hidden sound (musical tones and voices)
    popping out of nowhere. These sounds were silky and
    so clear, and overlapping each other as if they are
    coming from another dimension." - Cheez

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We are the largest tweaks manufacturer in the history of high-end audio. Since we started we have designed thousands of products and dozens of product lines. Our Unreal product line is our very best, it is split into 3 subdivisions; Standard, MEGA and Silver. Standard is for those who want small and lightweight products for the lowest prices. MEGA is for those who want to take it to the extreme and aren't bothered by the extra size. Silver is for those who want perfection. In the future we are only planning on keeping the Silver products, so get our cheap products while you can.

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Last update: October 19 2014


927 T Tran (Australia)
450 D Christie (Singapore)
373 Le Douarin (France)
295? P Eriksson (Sweden)
292 P Kisztner (Hungary)








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You hit double-home run with the Unreal project. This is another amazing accomplishment. You deserve to be a billionaire not millionaire. I am afraid once government finds out these cables sound what we claim to be they might capture you and hold as hostage in Area-51 because this is extraordinary and extraterristrial. I am serious, not kidding. My God if you keep this up you might get picked up by the aliens some day.

Cheez (USA), Customer




The more power cables I add, I get better sound. Not only is the sound better but all the qualities from each cable are not lost or wasted! They all add up in the musical sound stage. That is amazing. It sounds like Unreal 1.0 Ultra, Christmas Power, Unreal Natural, White Night power cables all had sex with each other. I was also surprised that how my White Night power cables on the speakers are not holding back! They continue to provide better sound as I add more cables and even better cables! This shows proof that your cables have great synergy and they don't cancel each other out. What this means to viewers / other customers? They don't need to discard or return old cables. Just add new ones somewhere else in your system!

Cheez (USA), Customerimage





Natural materials

We use natural tree fiber and crystals that are the most environmentally friendly as possible.


Extra extension

Our piezoelectric crystal formulas increase the dynamic range in the music so you get increased information in both the low and high frequencies while sounding silky smooth and clear.


Best signal transfer

In the Silver models we use a combination of air and crystal dielectric to get distortion-free signal transfer with the vibration dampening performance of quartz crystals.

We use the purest 99.999% silver and Furutech's top of the line connectors.




Built to last for many generations. Your grandchildren can inherit these products and go through the same amazing audio journey as you did!